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2013 VWOA Yearbook

The 2013 VWOA Yearbook has been mailed to all members.

You can read and download the electronic version (including more color pictures) from our 2013 Electronics Publications page or by clicking on the cover image below.  Right click to save a copy to your computer.

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Welcome to the Veteran Wireless Operators Association Home Page.  We hope you find it informative about our organization, its members, and its proud history.

We have a lot of information on this site.  Please feel free to explore.

Try Basic Facts About VWOA to find out about our organization's purposes and about membership and how to join.  You may download a membership application by clicking on this link.

Look into Activities and Awards to find out what we are up to and about the many distinguished individuals who have been honored by the VWOA over the years.

Click here to open a new window and view the fascinating 20 PDF page (2.9 MB) presentation: "Sparks at Sea" by Dr. Miles MacMahon.  To speed things up, we recommend that you right click on the link and save it to your local drive before viewing it.

To see our unique
Electronic Memorial to Sparks Lost at Sea
 during World War II, just click on the image at right


Dwight Temple, chief op of KNJL

Don't forget to explore the VWOA Scrapbook for pictures and notes, both and past and present, from the VWOA library.  Oh yes, any contributions for the scrapbook are always welcome, we are always looking to add our library of old photographs, books, and QSL cards.

( Above: Marconi Gold Medalist and VWOA Director Dwight Temple, SK, while radio officer aboard OMI Hudson/KNJL in July 1989)

Enjoy your visit, and if you are a veteran wireless operator, why not join up?   Just turn to the membership page for details.  You'll find a link there to download a membership application.

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