Preserve Our History

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Preserve Our History

We would like you to remember that the object and general purpose of the Veteran Wireless Operators Association, founded in 1925, is to foster and extend an esprit de corps among wireless operators and acquaint the general public with the work, traditions, ideals, equipment and meritorious service of wireless operators and others engaged in the art of radio communications.

As the years pass by, the vintage communications equipment that is such a vital part of our heritage is beginning to disappear. So-called “clutter” from basements and attics is being thrown in the trash without a second thought. Much of this equipment may represent museum pieces, or a one-of-a-kind model representing a particular make or type of equipment, or an actual working instrument that could be used to demonstrate the capabilities or operation of certain radio sets or technology.

The VWOA is concerned that as our elderly members pass on, their relatives, friends or heirs may not appreciate the historical value of a piece of equipment and may dispose of it as “old junk,” and thus deprive future generations of a key link in the development of modern telecommunications. Even apparently damaged equipment may yield parts to support working equipment or exhibits.

We therefore ask our members to scour their own “archives” and to identify equipment that could be donated to the VWOA to preserve our electro-mechanical legacy. Ideally, a member should arrange this donation while living. The VWOA member can then enjoy the satisfaction of having made a personal contribution to a now precious collection of memorabilia being preserved to tell the story of modern communications. Our Association officers will assist in the evaluation of the inventory, search for historical Wireless Preservation Organizations for display and arrange for transportation to the final destination of the donated equipment.

If a member prefers, he can arrange in his will for the donation of his equipment to the VWOA upon his death. This is known as a “bequest.” If your will is already written, your attorney may be able to add a simple amendment (codicil) to provide such a gift. Following is suggested wording similar to what your attorney may use for leaving a gift of your personal property to the Association: Bequest of Personal Property “I hereby give and bequeath my (radio/wireless/tele/communications equipment) to the Veteran Wireless Operators Association (VWOA), a Not-For-Profit corporation entitled to tax exemption status under Section 503(c)(3) of the IRS Code, c/o VWOA Treasurer, 11 Caton Terrace, Caldwell, New Jersey 07006-4808 for its general purpose as shall be determined by its Board of Directors.”

We can assure you the VWOA will provide your equipment with a “good home” where it will be displayed and cherished for its historical value.

Postal address:

Veteran Wireless Operators Association
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